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"We are a boutique M&A firm, with a unique focus on tax and business, helping the growth of small, middle-sized and large companies and guiding the journey of investors and investment vehicles

We customise our services to the commercial strategy and business objectives of our clients. In order to provide this tailor made approach, we act as one-stop-shop for all national and international legal affairs with regard to establishing investment vehicles, mergers, acquisitions and other restructuring work. By appointing one single partner as lead counsel for each client, we guarantee one exclusive contact for all expertise required. This is possible thanks to our business oriented way of working and the extensive network of high-end legal professionals, from other fields and jurisdictions, supporting Vensius. 
We are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and we take pride in our dedication and work ethic as trusted advisor.




M&A and other restructuring work

Embark on your merger or acquisition journey with confidence, knowing you have a trusted legal partner by your side. At Vensius, our dedicated team specializes in providing seamless M&A solutions tailored to your specific needs. From due diligence to negotiation and documentation, we offer comprehensive legal support at every stage of the transaction. Our expertise ensures that potential risks are identified, opportunities are maximized, and transactions are executed with precision. With a deep understanding of both legal intricacies and business dynamics, we are committed to delivering results that align with your strategic objectives.

Private equity

Navigate the intricate landscape of private equity with confidence. Our specialized team offers comprehensive legal services designed to optimize your private equity investments. From fund formation and structuring to regulatory compliance and transactional support, we provide strategic counsel at every phase of your private equity journey. With a keen understanding of market trends and regulatory frameworks, we ensure that your investments are positioned for success. At Vensius, we prioritize your objectives and deliver bespoke solutions that align with your unique investment strategy.

Corporate services

In the dynamic landscape of business, navigating legal complexities is crucial for sustainable growth. At Vensius, we understand that every decision counts, and every transaction shapes the trajectory of your enterprise. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of corporate services tailored to your unique needs. From a legal point of view, this requires an agile strategic approach to manage legal risks and to ensure the protection of core assets such as intellectual property rights, brand reputation, financial investments, stocks, bonds…

Compass & Map


Vensius helps you navigate through the legal implications of your business decisions using a unique tax law compass. By prioritising the economic growth of your business and wealth, we guide you through the best legal routes and anticipate possible obstacles in your road to success. 

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